Crystalwood Cockapoo's
of Devon

Supporting the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club 'The Puppy Socialisation Plan'



We are a family team, with over 25 years dog breeding experience. Being Miniature Poodle owners in the past and now proud owners of English Cocker Spaniels, we appreciate and adore the unique personality the Cockapoo has to offer and have 2 ourselves!

Situated in beautiful Devon countryside, we specialise in breeding quality Cockapoo's in attractive and rare Parti-coloured, Chocolate Roan, Apricot, Blue Roan and solid Chocolate or Black with attractive white markings.

All puppies bred will be unaffected by the G-PRA ( prcd-PRA) eye condition which is the only known disease to affect both breeds. Humphrey our gorgeous, gentle natured dog, we use as the Daddy, is Hereditary DNA Clear from this disease, and is here for you to greet when you view the puppies and their Mother.

At Crystalwood we believe that our puppies have the very best start in life and agree with the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust 'The Puppy Socialisation Plan'. The Puppy Socialisation Plan ensures that puppy has the correct socialisation, habituation and early lessons in the first 8 weeks of it's life.

We breed both F1 hybrids (Cocker x Poodle) and the occasional litter of F1b (Cockapoo x Poodle). F1b pups are similar in appearance to F1s but with a few extra Poodle genes, their coats may be more suitable for families with allergy sufferers, however there is no guarantee, as people can react to the dogs skin, saliva and dander, not just to their fur.

All our puppies are reared in the family home where they are use to all the noises of a busy household, plus they go on regular car trips and play outdoors, weather permitting. The mother dogs are much loved family pets, and though from showing lines, our Cocker Spaniels have fun and frolics on our 7 acre smallholding.

We only breed from dogs that are 100 percent healthy, true to breed type, and have great temperaments. All puppies sold are microchipped, are vet checked, with their own certificate, come with 4 weeks insurance, food, an extensive puppy information pack and unlimited after sales help and advice.

Our breeding girls are much loved family pets and not re-homed once their breeding life is over. All our dogs are keep inside and not in outdoor kennels!! We only breed a litter, once we have built up serious enquiries from families able to offer our puppies life long homes.

Families often come back for another puppy!!!