Getting our own doggy man about the house was a big decision, but with few, quality, health checked, Poodles in the South West, it seemed a necessary step to take.

Humphrey is, (if summed into one word), adorable.

He has a super, laid back, personality, such a sweet disposition and is a friend to everyone. Though Humphrey is a Kennel Club registered pedigree Miniature Poodle we keep his fur quite long and shaggy so most of the time he resembles a Cockapoo.

All those that have the pleasure of meeting Humphrey, instantly fall in love. As you can see from his photo his lovely nature means that he gets away with breaking all the house rules, and is a rather pampered pooch.

Humphrey is G-PRA eye clear from parentage but has his own DNA certificate which is passed onto all new puppy owners, as is his KC 5 generation pedigree. He carries the parti-coloured gene, so throws beautiful two tone puppies.

Millie, Cadbury, Ivy and Maisie, featured on our Happy Families page, are all Humphrey's children.

Sorry Humphrey is used twice a year on our own girls and is first and foremost a family pet, his services are not out for hire!!



Wow what a star this little pup is! She had a long journey back to her new home and not a whimper in the car. Esse is a real sweetie and settled into our home straight away. I cannot believe how lucky we are, she slept through the night from day one.

This beautiful English Show Cocker Spaniel has had the very best start in life from a super breeder that raises all her pups indoors from health checked parents and weans her pups on the very best food.

Esse has a lovely nature and likes nothing more than her tummy tickled. Her favourite toy is Octopus which has kindly been donated from Margot, but like a typical Cocker smelly socks are also fun!

This little girl has a super pedigree with a good variety of colours in her ancestry, but most importantly, she is FN clear from parentage and unaffected from G-PRA.

Esse has a great puppy-hood in front of her with plenty of space to have fun and frolics with her new doggy friends.


Now featured in The Cockapoo Handbook by Linda Whitwam

Our doggy Cockapoo friends had told us the delights of owning a Cockapoo and how incredibly clever they were but seeing is believing as they say. At 8 weeks Margot sat for her meals and at 12 weeks old Margot was trained to come to the dog whistle. She is a joy to own and every visitor is greeted with an enthusiast welcome.She also responds to the nicknames of pooh bear and dish mop! Margot is unaffected from G-PRA.

Now all grown up and a delight to own. Though we love all our dogs for their own unique personalities, Margots' loving nature, high intelligence and low shedding coat, makes her, in our eyes, the perfect dog!!
We only wish we had kept a Cockapoo sooner!

She has proved to be the most attentive Mother and has had some gorgeous pups with wonderful coats and super temperaments.



Now featured in the Cockapoo Handbook by Linda Whitwam

Oh dear we have kept another one!

When Chummy was born with a bright pink hairless nose, she looked more like a pig than a puppy!

Though initially the most timid of the litter she developed into the naughtiest pup, escaping from the puppy pen on a regular basis. Though we had not intended to keep another Cockapoo, Chummy needed a home with other dogs as good (well hopefully good) role-models and lots of stimulation. A few days with her on her own and she had stolen our hearts and is now youngest daughters dog and a treat for studying hard at school. Chummy is unaffected from G-PRA.

Chummy is developing into a little charmer. She has her Mother Taysies huge eyes and is just as much of a joy to own. Margot adores her and is thrilled to have a new playmate. She is a bit of a bed bug and will sneak into our rooms for a siesta on the bed if she can, unfortunately last time she sneaked onto a bed she had jumped into the shower cubicle first!!

Every visitor is greeted with an enthusiastic welcome, typical of a Cockapoo, and she loves a cuddle in the evening.