Though we are experienced breeders, we are not breeding constantly, so there may be a wait for one of our puppies.

We only breed when can give both mother and pups 100% of our time and have built up a waiting list. Puppies sold will not be affected by the Pra eye condition, by at least one of the parents DNA testing normal/clear and hopefully both parents. Our Cocker Spaniels are from genuine show lines and not the 'show type' seen advertised.

At Crystalwood we believe that our puppies have the very best start in life and agree with the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust 'The Puppy Socialisation Plan'. The Puppy Socialisation Plan ensures that puppy has the correct socialisation, habituation and early lessons in the first 8 weeks of it's life. Prospective new owners are involved in their puppy's progress from day 1, with progress reports, photographs and videos of your puppy being sent on a regular basis.

Email if you feel that you can offer one of our pups a loving home. Please remember that any puppy is a commitment, in time and money, and that Cockapoos are an active breed.

Here's some we made earlier!




If you are looking for a Cockapoo puppy please contact us for availability, via email and leave a few details about yourself and family.

Please remember Cockapoos need an active and stimulating lifestyle so please only enquire if you have the time, space and energy for one of these wonderful dogs!

We are waiting for Margot and Picquot to come into season, for early 2018 puppies. 


 We do usually have a waiting list, this works by taking into account your preferences and matching puppies to homes. Although we try our best, this means that it will not necessarily be on a first-come-first-served basis.