Before you venture to view your puppy for the first time, you are probably a little curious about the family you are purchasing from.

In a nutshell we are 3 generations of animal lovers who thoroughly enjoy the experience of breeding puppies for families to cherish for years.

My love of dogs started in childhood, with Mitzi the Poodle, and grew from there.

Throughout my teens I worked at the local boarding kennels, every Sunday, and more throughout school holidays, eventually having sole charge. Apart from the useful pocket money, I gained years worth of knowledge in the handling, training and caring for every breed, shape, and size of dog imaginable.

The very first litter...

In 1974 my Aunt, gave birth to a baby boy who was sadly diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, a terminal muscle wasting disease. Cousin Dave's love of my dog Sophie, sparked the idea of breeding him his very own dog, one which he could see being born and watch develop. Sophie Dachshund gave birth to 3 puppies, and Dave chose a boy which he named Ralph. Ralph was a great companion for Dave, especially in his low times.

From this first litter, a passion for breeding grew, fueled by the pleasure of seeing dogs enhancing peoples lives.


BookWe are one of the UKs oldest Cockapoo breeders, with our first litter of Cockapoos in 2007 and we are 5 Star rated by our local Council.

As experienced owners of both the English Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle, we adore, the unique personality the Cockapoo has to offer and have 2 ourselves, both featured in The Cockapoo Handbook by Linda Whitwam.

Back in the 1980's we were owners and breeders of Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds, a breed that captivated us with their extreme intelligence and undeniable character. We have had a little break but are now enjoying the occasional litter and will have puppies available for very special homes. Naturally with a love of all things Dachshund and Poodle it was not long before we were persuaded to become one of the only breeders of the utterly charming Daxiedoodle (Doxiepoo in the USA), our very own Didi being a popular visitor of a local Residential Home.

At Crystalwood we believe that our puppies have the very best start in life and agree with the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club 'The Puppy Plan'. This Puppy Socialisation Plan ensures that puppy has the correct socialisation, habituation and early lessons in the first 8 weeks of it's life. As responsible breeders we provide an extensive, 'Puppy Information Pack' which mirrors the guidelines set out for ethical puppy purchase in the RSPCA puppy contract.

We are not a large commercial kennel, and all our dogs live indoors, and puppies raised, firstly in the bedroom, and then the lounge, however, we are however a 'licensed breeding establishment' in accordance with The Breeding of dogs Act 1973.