Dottie and Bandana

Dottie sausage has now retired from breeding.

Dottie, or Dottie Sausage as we call her, is the first Dachshund we purchased after loosing our own home bred crew, so we were a little nervous about what her character would be like.

In a nutshell, she is adorable, a super mix of Daxie attitude, but so loving and absolutely devoted to us.

Her striking silver dapple and tan markings get beautiful comments from everyone who meets her. She is a joy to take out and about and absolutely loves going in the car.

At home Dottie’s favourite position is to be on ‘look out’ duty from the back of the sofa, or exploring our fields in true Dachshund fashion.

Luckily Dottie is not really a barker but wow doesn’t she talk, and she certainly let’s you know if she wants attention. She loves music, and if you are singing along to a tune, has to be picked up for a dance.

In 2020 Dottie had a super litter of 4 boy puppies, one of which, Pirate we had to keep.

Dottie is unaffected from G-Pra Cord 1.


Dottie is now enjoying her retirement, and can be found on 'watchout' duty on the back of the sofa, or basking in the sun.