Below are some beautiful dogs and comments from their very happy owners. However if you still have any concerns, we can pass on details of a previous owner for you to chat directly to.


Sandy the Doxiepoo

 We have had such a lovely experience with Julie. We had been on her waiting list for a number of years, but it had never been the right time for us, when it came to choosing a puppy, due to pregnancies and work.

Julie was so helpful and knowledgeable, it was important to us to choose a breeder who cares about the home the puppy goes to, and the type of life they will have.

 I always kept an eye on the Facebook page and saw Sandy become available, and we just fell in love with her. The stars had aligned with me working from home and the children being a bit older that it felt right to bring a new puppy into the family.

 We had the best experience from start to finish, from viewing Sandy, to planning her trip home. Julie had put a lot of effort into training her at night time so we kept to her routines and she slept through the night from day one.

 It's has been lovely continuing to have communication with Julie and update her with how Sandy is getting on.

We would highly recommend such a caring and knowledgeable breeder.




Gaynor and IvyIvy the Cockapoo

This is Ivy at 18mths, who we bought from you in June 2014 (you called her Verity). I've been meaning to keep in touch better but time has flown by and she's now this big.

I can safely say she is one of the best things we have done. She was easy to train and is a really good dog. She loves long muddy walks (so much so we've built a dog washing area in the garden!), water, playing with other dogs and us, and is great fun. Lots of people comment on her gentle nature and interesting colouring, and friends who are wanting a dog have been asking me where I got her from, so you may get a few enquiries in the new year.

Thank you for giving her such a great start in life. She is the best dog ever and we are completely besotted with her (as you can see!).

Wishing you a Happy Christmas from all the Willcockses, Gaynor, Bill, Ellie, Ben & Joe X





BearBear the Cockapoo

This is Bear at 10 months old, he is adorable and everyone loves him to bits. We got our last dog Rocky from you and when he died we thought that no other dog could fill his paws.Bear hasn't as he is a totally different character and he has his own huge paws that make their mark all over the house!!!!

Bear loves his daily walk on the beach and always runs head first into the sea and then rolls in the sand.

Thank you so much again for letting us have another gorgeous puppy from you. Bear is such a happy pup and that is all down to the fantastic start he had with you.

Love,Niki, Andy and Molly Xxx








MillieMillieMillie the Cockapoo

Hi Julie & Co,

Hope all is good with you?

Wanted to give you a quick catch up & photos...... Millie has been with us for just over a year now! It's gone so quickly.

We all love Millie she's lovely, loud, lively & loving . .everyone knows when Millies about, just can't imagine life without her.

Big Thank you.

Diane Xx


CadburyCadbury the Cockapoo

Hi Julie
We hope all is well with you all.  As it was Cadbury's 1st Birthday yesterday I thought I'd send you a few photo's of him taken over the last year.  He's been a really great puppy from the moment we got him home he's taken everything in his stride including the horses, he's great in the car, has always slept through the night, doesn't worry about the hoover, washing machine etc in the house and is happy being left for a few hours during the day if I'm at work or riding - so all the hard work you put into raising your puppies really pays off at our end - thank you!

We've been going to Puppy Classes which started mainly for his socialisation but we've carried on and he has passed both his Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen awards.  We're having a break for a bit now though as he's got a bit of selective hearing and is going through his delinquent teenager phase which is fine to deal with when you're at home, out for a nice walk or up the field with the horses but not so good when we're trying to do a 5 minute stay, walk to heel off the lead or any of the other elements of the Gold award!

Cadbury's so friendly with everybody and gets really excited when he meets other dogs and just wants to play with everyone, his best friend is a wirehaired dachshund called Harry and they have sleep overs at each others houses.  He's definitely clever and soon sussed that if he steals a slipper he gets a treat if he brings it back!  He's got the cockapoo "bedbug" about him and will be upstairs on our bed at every opportunity and will sneak on the sofa if he thinks we're not watching but all in all he's fab and we're so pleased we saw your advert and chose him.

Please give Taysie and Humphrey hugs from all of us.

Best wishes
Julie, Mick and of course Cadbury!



JerseyJersey the Cockapoo

We are the very proud owners of Jersey from crystalwood cockapoos. She is almost 2 years old now and absolutely adorable. She is a real clown of a dog, all though very intelligent at training, she is often running into things, falling off things etc which always makes us laugh!

She loves watching the telly, and often cries or barks when dogs come on the screen! She has the most adorable face, with beautiful light brown eyes, which we watched turn from blue, to green to brown as she grew up!
She has a sister called Indi, a four year old cockapoo. Jersey adores her.

They spend all their time playing, and enjoy cuddles and kisses too. They thoroughly entertain each other. Jersey is also great with my sisters kids and is very soppy with them.

All in all, she is a wonderful dog with tons of cockapoo character!!! Lindsey, Brett, Indi and Jersey






 Jeremy and Athol with Purdi Cockapoo

PurdiThere was an article in the Times last Saturday about poodle crosses, they described them as 'fun loving, intelligent, energetic dogs with attitude' how right they are!

Purdi is a real character and we have such fun with her.








BjorkBjork and Family with Balthazar the Cockapoo

I just thought you might want to know that Balthazar, now 18 months, and in summer hairdo, won Best Non Sporting Dog (what a nice dog) of the show at a fairly big dog show here in Dorset on Sunday. We just turned up and one of the judges saw him and he was entered at the end and won! And here is the photo to prove it. He is a huge character, who sometimes tries our patience, but who is completely a part of our family and we wouldn't be without him. We are very proud of him. Agility training beckons! Best wishes
Bjork and Family








Rosie and Colin with Zia the Cockapoo

ZiaZia came home to North Devon in June 13 and has been the star of the show ever since! That wonderful Cockapoo mix of cuddly softy, hard faced guard dog and mischievous "Stealth" puppy. She loves her toys, takes herself to bed at night and has a fine collection of socks, pants and wetwipes under the bush at the bottom of the garden. Her soul mate, Zac, a Poodle with some Collie in him somewhere have become inseparable and spend their days playing, eating and sleeping like all good puppies!!!

Perhaps we could arrange a reunion with Margot? Think that would be highly entertaining!!







MaisieThe Adlam Family and Maisie the Cockapoo

I thought you might like to see how Maisie has changed now that she is one! She is a lovely dog, incredibly sociable. She thinks everyone she meets is her new best friend and has recently been doing a lot of puppy socialising with friends new puppies because she is so gentle. We are hoping that in a year or so, she will be able to become a hospital dog - visiting people on wards, but she needs to stop jumping up at people when she greets them first!
Her fur has changed a lot and went a chestnut colour in the summer but has gone brown again now. It is still very soft and I think will now stay the way it is. I cut her fur myself so it is still a work in progress, especially around her muzzle, which is the only place that she doesn't like me doing.
She is a wonderful addition to our family and we now can't imagine life without her.

Best Wishes, Sarah x