Humphrey Heartbroken to say that we lost our dear little boy in 2021. Adored by all that met him, he is so very much missed.

Getting our own doggy man about the house was a big decision, but with few, quality, health checked, Poodles in the South West, it seemed a necessary step to take.

Humphrey is, (if summed into one word), adorable.

He has a super, laid back, personality, such a sweet disposition and is a friend to everyone. Though Humphrey is a Kennel Club registered pedigree Miniature Poodle, we keep his fur quite long and shaggy, so most of the time he resembles a Cockapoo.

All those that have the pleasure of meeting Humphrey, instantly fall in love.
Humphrey is G-PRA eye clear from parentage but has his own DNA certificate which is passed onto all new puppy owners, as is his KC 5 generation pedigree. He carries the parti-coloured gene, so throws beautiful two tone puppies.

Millie, Cadbury, Ivy and Maisie, featured on our Happy Families page, are all Humphrey's children.