MargotFeatured in The Cockapoo Handbook by Linda Whitwam

Sadly after 10 happy years of owning what we called 'the perfect Cockapoo' our gorgeous girl went over Rainbow Bridge.

Our doggy Cockapoo friends had told us the delights of owning a Cockapoo and how incredibly clever they were but seeing is believing as they say. At 8 weeks Margot sat for her meals and at 12 weeks old Margot was trained to come to the dog whistle. She remains a joy to own, and every visitor is greeted with an enthusiast welcome.She also responds to the nicknames of pooh bear and dish mop! Margot was breed by ourselves, so therefore is unaffected from G-PRA.

Though we love all our dogs for their own unique personalities, Margots' loving nature, high intelligence and low shedding coat, makes her, in our eyes, the perfect dog!!
We only wish we had kept a Cockapoo sooner!

She has proved to be the most attentive, if some what laid back, Mother and has had some gorgeous pups with wonderful coats and super temperaments, in the most scrumptious chocolatey colours. Margot is now retired from breeding and enjoying her country life, digging holes and chasing rabbits.