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Follow the adventures of Margot, our naughty chocolate Cockapoo and meet her friends. Advice, tips and funny stories about the 'joys' of owning these wonderful dogs.

Margot and Chummy constantly amuse us with their sleeping arrangements. It would appear a favourite for all poo's is the back/top of the sofa but no1 position is with both legs stretched out like a frog, followed closely when very hot, with the upside down and all legs in the air.


Agility Capers.

The summer weather is back to normal and we have a days and days of rain! The good news is that now the ground has softened I can erect Margot's agility set. Cockapoos are fantastic at this, can I call it, 'sport'. Look for an agility club in your area, it is great fun for both dog and owner :)


Field Fun.

Walked around the fields this morning with a large bucket to gather up all doggy toys, those allowed and all those pinched by Margot and co.

This is what I found:

3 odd wet socks (freshly washed-will need doing again!!), 2 chewed margarine cartons, 3 chewed plastic bottles and a distressed yogurt pot (all pinched from the recycling bin) 1 deflated football, 2 frisbees, and a woolly hat.

Bless their little furry paws.


Wet Wet Wet.

We are getting fed up with all this rain and wet soggy dogs.                                                                                                                                                                 

As Crystalwood dogs have plenty of outdoor field running fun so we have an assortment of dog rugs on the go, but here is what we have found to be the best for Cockapoos. If you can afford it No 1 has to be the Ultimate 2 in 1 dog rug by Danish Design followed closely by Ancol's Muddy Paws Stormguard. Both have tummy protection and over the back velcro straps. The only thing we have found is the majority of dog rugs are way way too large and have to be taken in, or adjusted. Is it a sign that these companies are catering for the average overweight pooch?


 Thank you.

Thank you to every one who enquired about Margots' puppies. We have tried to contact all of you, but with so many people on the waiting list, apologise if you did not hear back! All Margots pups are now reserved pending viewing and a deposit. Pups now all sold.


The puppies are here!

Margot and Humphrey are the proud parents of 5 beautiful pups. All equal in size ranging from 9oz-10oz so super weights! We have 4 girls, two chocolate and 2 chocolate and white, and one chocolate boy. Unfortunately we have more enquiries than pups, but we will try to contact everyone who has, expressed and interest, in the next couple of days, to let you know one way or another. We all need sleep now!!


2 days to go and counting.

Margot's pups are due in two days now so we are getting very excited. Her last litter was over two years ago when she gave us no warning that she was in labour and carried on as normal until the first pup plopped out! We were away from home-didn't we move fast!!! One puppy was born in a field, 2nd just as we got into the car, the 3rd in a pub car park then the final 2 at home. This time Margot please refer to your whelping handbook and go through the stages listed!


New Cockapoo Handbook now available!

We are all very excited as a new book The Cockapoo Handbook by Linda Whitwam is now available on Amazon. Crystalwood Cockapoos worked with Linda to insure this new book provides an excellent guide to all new and prospective Cockapoo owners. Photos of our dogs and puppies are inside-how exciting!!


2 Weeks to go!

Just a quick update as regards Margot's love life. She is getting bigger by the minute and ravenous most of the time. Pups are due on 12th December so if you are lucky to be on the waiting list please email me to express your continued interest.

Love in the air.

So sorry this dog blog is hopelessly out of date. 2 years have now passed and we are planning another litter for Margot. She still never fails to keep us entertained with her Cockapoo charm and we are so excited about the thought of more mini-Margots scampering around the house. We now have our own adorable Chocolate Poodle and there is love in the air!


All back to normal!

Margots' puppies have all gone to fabulous homes and Margot has her figure back.

She is enjoying the heatwave and early morning and twilight 'bounces' around the meadow. I say bounces as she rarely keeps to the paths but bounces through the centre like Tigger. When she stops bouncing we loose her the grass has grown so long :)


Wow, what a super bunch!

A litter of five beautiful babies all great weights and fitting fit.

2 Solid Black Girls, a Black Girl with White markings, a Black boy with White markings and a Chocolate Girl.

Mum and pups are all doing well :)



We are so excited that Margot is expecting her first litter.

Her husband is a super Minature Poodle and so handsome.


Margot fully grown and gorgeous!

Where has the time gone! Margot is almost two and has matured into a beautiful dog who we adore.

Every evening she snuggles down for a cuddle with us on the sofa. She is perfect!


Agility fun fun fun!!

Margot loves here new agility set and will jump off the lead. Not so good at the weave poles, more knit one, pearl one, with the dog lead around our legs! Early days.


*****HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY*****


Margot is no longer a puppy :(

Have a great day Margot and brother Paddy. (Captain Paddy Four Paws)

Margot is enjoying her Birthday. Nice weather so fancied a dip in the pond.

Ran into the bungalow before I could stop her.

How I love Cockapoos'!!


Margots' Birthday on May 19th.

It is Margots' birthday tomorrow, Saturday 19th May. We have bought her an agility set ( don't tell her).


Margot votes for Pudsey

Guess who Margot voted for on Britains Got Talent. Can Cockapoos dance? Margot can twirl on command so watch this space!


***The pup did good***

Margot came fourth!! Even though Margot decided not to lay down in public she picked up a rosette and certificate for fourth place in the beginners. Well done Margot.


Obedience here we come!

Watch out everyone, it's Margot's time at Dog Obedience. It's time to teach that puppy how to behave (or maybe not)!

Though growing up with 6 other dogs and wandering around with chickens and many other species of animals, Margot decided that the few other dogs in her obedience class were much scarier than the world outside the small hall at which dogs are supposed to learn how to be good. The Poodle in her loves to learn and she enjoys learning all the new commands, though the soppy spaniel emerges once again as most of the time she ends up cowardly sitting on my feet, inhibiting me of movement. She also enjoys making me feel guilty as she peers through the shaggy mop of hair on head as she stares up at me, just as I give her the 'stay' command.

Looking forward to next week, even though it's recall (I'm going to need some help!)


12 weeks old and ready for action

Margot is fully vaccinated and enjoys her first visit to our rare breeds farm. At the farm she says hello to the ponies and has her first encounter with the chickens.