A Doxiepoo, also known as a Daxiedoodle, is a hybrid cross between a Dachshund and Poodle.

Doxiepoos are a happy, intelligent, bouncy and loving dog, wrapped up in a cuddly package. These friendly and affionate little dogs often make good pets for families, with their fun filled character. If you like the appearance of the shaggy Cockapoo, but feel their 'on the go' temperament may be a little too much for you to handle, the Doxiepoo may be the breed for you. If you love the Dachshund, but need a lower shedding dog, the Doxiepoo will not disappoint, with it's exuberant character.

The Doxiepoo is a mix between the Dachshund, packed with it's tremendous, fun filled, loyal, clever, courageous and sometimes stubborn character crossed with the intelligent and trainable, low shedding Poodle. Puppies produced usually share characteristic of the Poodles coat, being wavy and low shedding, but there is no guarantee.

Our own little Doxiepoo, Didi, is a joy to own, and is Care Home companion, where she has stolen everyones hearts. She has probably been the easiest dog I have ever owned, being the perfect puppy to train.

At Crystalwood we prefer to breed our Pedigree Poodle Mums with a Miniature Longhaired Dachshund to achieve a soft wavy to long coat. This coat can be kept long, with regular daily brushing, or clipped neatly at your local dog groomers. Fur tends to be low shedding, a characteristic from the Poodle Mum.

As ethical breeders we always DNA health check our breeding dogs. However by crossing two completely different breeds, and gaining a higher genetic diversity between the offspring, there is generally less chance of the inherited genetic diseases found in pedigree dogs.

We asked previous owners of Doxiepoos to sum up the personality of their Doxiepoos, giving a 'straight from the horses mouth', and honest opinion of what it is like to live with one of these gorgeous dogs.

"Sandy is really affionate and cuddly. Loves to give licks. She gets on really well with the children and older dog. She is gentle with them, but also loves to play. I would say she is pretty much calm, and less 'hectic' than our Cockapoo was, they match each others energy now that he is 9 years old. She follows instructions wellwith a command and hand signal, good listener. She's picked up trining really easily. She is less food orientated than our Cockapoo, prefers items she can chew, like toys."

"Otis is calm, cuddly, independent and loves playing in, and with, water."

"Raisin is very intelligent, obedient and loving. The perfect companion and easy to train."